About Us

Our Vision

Eudaz is an emerging, innovational cosmetic brand based in Canada. Founded by an enthusiast, nature loving physician couple, with a vision to bring makeup and beauty close to nature and accessible to all. It started with the desire to eliminate the harsh elements from our regular skincare and makeup routine. At Eudaz, we believe that everyone deserves to cherish the feeling of looking beautiful everyday without the fear of being harsh on their skin. This idea became the core of Eudaz existence.

Eudaz cosmetic collection is curated with the greatest of standards, using cutting edge technology and premium quality exotic ingredients that are harmless and chemical free. Eudaz presents you an assortment of  Vegan, Natural, Paraben free, Gluten free & Canadian made cosmetics.

At Eudaz, we work nonstop to ensure you feel safe and get that sensational, truly sustainable and natural experience.

Eudaz believes in social responsibility with its initiative to aid the education of underprivileged kids. A part of our every sale goes for the cause.
Let’s cherish this  luxury together, and share the fearless and endless joy of using these  colorful cosmetics with everyone across globe!